A Shadow of a Boy

It was the day of Kaoru’s and Terry’s wedding and Lycidas had been doing everything in his power to stop it from happening. He was the ring bearer, so he was responsible for getting the rings to the adults. Big mistake on their part. So far, he had buried Kaoru’s dress in the forest and ruined Terry’s tux. All that was left was to get rid of the rings. And that’s what he did.

The teen took the rings into the forest, getting to a river a long ways away. He stood there and threw them as far as he can, the metal landing in the riverbed. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Can it succeed now that those are gone?” he questioned as whispers slowly surrounded him. He wanted it all to be fully stopped and the deceits had helped him. All the effort put into this, it can’t end up being all for nothing. It just can’t.

“One of us.~ King of shadows.~” the deceits were whispering to the teen. He was losing control as the whispers got louder and he grabbed onto his head, falling back. One of the deceits formed as a humanoid, grabbing his chin and forcing him to look up at it.

“Future king.~ Come join us.~”

“O-ok. I’ll join you.” he said after a moment. The deceit helped him up and led him to the venue of the wedding. Specifically to where a mirror was.

“Break it.~ You’ll fully be with us once you break it.~” he nodded, letting his control fully let up as he gazed into it. He saw a red eyed version of himself with a black outfit that royalty would wear along with a crown. To add on, the version had wolf ears and a wolf tail… He basically saw everything he wanted thanks to the deceits leading him down this path. They continued whispering as he drew his arm back, his hand balled into a fist. He then punched the mirror with all the strength he could muster.

It felt weird as his consciousness was switched to the shadow version of himself and vice versa, the only things changing being his eyes. The deceits fully won him over and he realized it once he reached the new realm. It all looked the same in the one area, but the shadows always closed in. Lycidas felt something tug him down and he noticed that Sollux was biting his tail.

“Hey, Sol… So, this is where you came from, huh.” he said only to receive a growl and for Sollux to go through a gateway nearby. The one from the broken mirror was now closed, so he couldn’t go through. Only see snippets of what’s going on.

He started to bang against it, slightly yelling out though no one could hear… 


Experiments {SK}

“Stay still, son.” a man stated, holding a syringe close to a young boy’s neck. The boy was struggling to get out of the restraints that held him there, slightly yelling out until his mouth was forcibly covered. “This won’t hurt as bad as long as you stay still, Akira.” Akira continued to struggle against the restraints until he was held down by his father’s coworkers, the man injecting the liquid into his son’s neck before they released him. Pain seeped in as the liquid coursed through his veins.

He tried to yell out, but next thing he knew, he was back in his room that he and Kiara shared. ‘What happened…? Where’s Kia…? Did they do the same thing to her?!’ Thoughts coursed through his mind as he got up, eventually grabbing onto his head as he felt more pain seeping in. Soon enough, everything sort of paused. Everything, but himself. The pain ceased and he let go of his head. He looked around before taking a step forward. Akira then looked at the clock in the room, noticing that it wasn’t working. It’s odd… That clock always worked…

He tried to reach out to it, only for everything except for the clock to resume. It was just stuck on the same time as before, starting to levitate as he kept his arm outstretched towards it. Akira brought his arm back, bringing it over to him only to drop it when someone came into the room. He looked over at the door to see his father walking in, holding his sister in his arms. He didn’t look surprised, just smiling at his five year old son.

“It actually worked for you… We’ll have to continue your treatment and see how powerful you can get.” he said, setting his daughter down on her bed.

“Your sister should be awake in the next few hours.”

“I-is she ok?!” Akira asked.

“Of course. She just needs her rest.”

“Ok…” he glanced at where his sister was sleeping. Their father left the room and he went over to Kiara, deciding to try to wake her up. When it didn’t work, he backed off with a sigh. All he can do is wait for now. About 7 hours passed before she woke up, but she wasn’t in the room. Or so she thought… Kiara woke up in what looked to be a forest, standing up to look around. It looked to be outside a small town that she didn’t recognize, having never been allowed to leave the lab. Soon enough, a wolf pup and her mother passed by, completely ignoring the girl.

“Wait, where are you going-” she tried to ask, but the wolves didn’t seem to hear. Nothing could hear her… Kiara backed up a bit, her breath quickening. ‘Is this a dream…? Where am I? What am I doing here?’ she thought before everything around her disappeared. She was left confused, looking around the dimly lit room she shared with her twin brother. He wasn’t in there, so she decided to go find him. “Aki!” she called out, looking into each room until she found him in the training room. Akira looked at her and immediately ran over to bring her into a hug.

“Are you ok? Did anything hurt you?!” he asked, worry clear in his voice.

“I’m fine. Nothing hurt me, I think…” she answered.

“Good… Daddy said that they’re going to continue our treatment and train us… He wanted me to tell you that.”

“Train us in what?”

“I don’t know.”


“Yeah…” They were both silent after that. A few minutes later, two of the scientists that work in the lab found them and brought the twins back to their room. The two were told that they’ll be allowed out of the room either later that day or tomorrow for another injection for their treatments…

A year later, there was word about a new ‘patient’ who was supposed to be sent to the lab in the next few months or so.

“‘Kaylee Bowden’…?” Akira read off the file, having taken it without their dad knowing.

“Do you think she won’t be allowed to leave like us?” Kiara asked her brother, peaking over his shoulder.

“Maybe. But, it’d be great to have someone else here.”

“Yeah! We just have to wait.” Though, the other ‘patient’ never arrived to the lab. A few more years pass by and the twins are 10 now. The ‘treatments’ went extremely well as the two trained and the scientists had enhanced the powers when needed. Overtime, Kiara and Akira figured out a way to combine the powers to essentially see what’s happened on the outside and what could possibly happen.

They knew about all the things that happened with students from one particular school through this. It helped the two feel like there were things that are actually out there, even though they had to just watch without anyone knowing they’re there.

“She failed to reach her goal in the end.” Akira stated, slightly criticizing what he saw Erin do.

“Not surprised. She really was all bark and little bite.” Kiara responded, just sitting on the ground. Her brother was standing, so he could manipulate which time frame the illusions are showing. “Jessica is gone too, right?”


“So, that leaves room for someone new to try their hand at being the big villain. Aki, maybe we can try that. Actually give ourselves a challenge with this.” Kia suggested, standing up.

“That would be interesting, but dad wouldn’t let us remember. He’s trying to make sure the world doesn’t see us or anyone else being treated here.”

“One of the patients from years ago is in that school though. What if we convince him to let us at least go to the school long enough to get them for him. It’d be a win-win situation.”

“True…” Akira let out a sigh. “Fine, we’ll try to convince him, but just this once. When we get ourselves in too deep, that’s when we need to retreat back to here and not leave again.”

“Yay! C’mon, Aki! We don’t have time to waste!” Kiara grabbed her brother’s hand and they exited the illusion before leaving their room. She led the way to their father’s office. “Hey, dad. We have a bit of a proposal.” she said with a smile. The man glanced at his daughter.

“What is it now?” he asked with more of a bored tone.

“We can leave the lab and go to the elementary school just to get Kaylee Bowden for you.” she told him, having to use Kai’s birth name… That caught his interest, but he slammed his hands against the table.

“Are you crazy, Kiara? The people here don’t need to know about you both, especially since you still have no control over your powers!” he yelled.

“We’ve been down here training for years, dad. We need a challenge!” Akira joined in on this. The two bickered with the man for a few more minutes before an agreement was settled on.

“Alright, fine. I’ll enroll you both there, but you have to make sure no one knows where you’re from or anything about you and the powers. That could get all this found out and shut down.”

“Yes, sir.” they both responded. The next week, they started school and by now, the new arc had begun.

Drowning {Micah’s Fear Part 1}

The seven year old was walking along the shoreline of Stark’s Pond late one night with his parents. They had decided to take him out at this time to teach him something new, but what could be out here to learn at this time.

“Catherine, why don’t you come here for a moment?” his mom said, using his birth name. He reluctantly went over to her.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Do you see the water and how there’s white dots in it at this time?”


“Do you know what they are and why they can be seen at this time?”

“They’re stars, aren’t they?” he asked only for the woman to shake her head.

“They’re sinful souls who had been trapped in the water to keep them away from heaven. God punished them by keeping them trapped so that when the stars do come out, all they can do is look up at the stars and wish that they never sinned so they could be up there with all their family and friends.” she explained.

“Who all is in there?”

“Evil, vile people. Like criminals, killers, liars, queer people. They all get trapped here and aren’t allowed out.” after she said that, he backed away from the edge. “They’re all chained to the bottom of the water and pulled down to the depths during the day.”

“I-I don’t want to be trapped!” he exclaimed, his breath becoming shaky.

“You won’t as long as you listen to what god says and follow his every word.”

The woman walked away from the edge of the pond, leaving her son there to look into the water. Micah got closer to it, a look of curiosity on his face as he bent down to touch the liquid. At that moment, he was pushed into the water, his eyes widening as he fought to get back to the surface. He just sank as his attempts turned out to be for nothing. Water filled his nostrils, his breath quickly running thin. He tried to cry out for help only for the water to fill his mouth and cause him to cough and choke. The brunette’s vision slowly became blurry and dark as his body slowly became weak and cold.

‘Am I going to be trapped? What’s going to happen now? Am I really going to die…?’ thoughts raced through his head before they were replaced with more panic. His vision grew dark and the last thing he saw was a black silhouette of a person, feeling arms wrap around him as he slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

Finding the Truth {Medieval Timeline}

Orion had been tirelessly searching through all the records of the kingdoms for the last few days, trying to piece together who exactly this Miles kid is. Saying that he despised him would be an understatement, he honestly hated him to the point where he would’ve kicked him out if he was allowed to. Yet, he had to let him stay. So, for now, he was trying to spend as much time out of the castle as he could. Everytime a guard would come to take him back, he’d send them away. 

The noirette had a feeling that this whole thing was to unite two of the kingdoms together in an alliance. They’re just letting the prince of that kingdom take his time and actually choose who he wanted.

“Should’ve gone with an arranged marriage, idiots.” he mumbled, finally narrowing his search down to one kingdom. “At least having it arranged would actually have you succeed, King Tristan and King Corey.” Miles had said that his sister became a thief and left the throne for him and the only kingdom with that documented was Scaleswind. He quietly chuckled.

“Prince of Scaleswind, huh. I knew that you were someone more important than just the general’s son.” He quietly read through everything the record had about Miles. His status, the future planned for him, even seeing that it mentioned a possible alliance with O’Khasis if the prince married either Orion or his twin. He smirked, now knowing the truth on the brunette. If he had been truthful from the start, chances are that he’d have had a friendlier welcome. Orion picked the record up before tucking it away in his bag. He then grabbed the emerald necklace he had found about a month ago, which was set beside him throughout all this.

He put it on and it emitted the same green glow that it always does. A magic user in the Kingdom of Phoenix Drop had told him about the emerald crystal and the power within it. Him and the other person with the necklace were meant to meet for as long as they have the necklaces. He didn’t mind, finding the meaning to be comforting. Anyways, the noirette turned to leave, letting the librarian know that he’s taking the records for Scaleswind back with him. It’s time to fully confront that little prince.

Unwanted Memories {Continuation from Recurring Nightmares}

Xavier woke up in what looked to be an old school cafeteria, there being a weird scent in the air along with no one around. He got up before realizing that there was a bloody body beside him. He backed away, accidentally backing into Storm who was hyperventilating.

“N-no! W-we can’t be here!” the white haired male stuttered, grabbing onto his necklace.

“Stormy, calm down. What’s going on?” Xavier asked, turning to try to help calm him down.

“Z-Zack and C-Cam- S-stay away from them, they might hurt you…”


“This is something you forgot, but we remembered…”

A moment later, a flick of movement caught his attention causing Xavier to turn to look. He saw both of his older alters with blood on them, holding what seemed like weapons. He was about to go up to them when Sarlic held him back, having appeared behind the boy.

“That father of yours hid this from you along with Gabe. It’s about time you knew, host.~” he said, Storm standing beside the noirette. A man clothed in white soon walked in, slightly clapping.

“Good job, boys. Your work here is done.” he spoke with a smirk, causing both Cam and Zack to turn to him. “You’ve made me proud and are free to do what you want with the bodies.” There was a look of guilt on Cam’s face before Zack snapped him out of it.

“We’ll go home after this and pack up to move to South Park. The lab will be glad to study you when we meet up with the scientists.” the doctor said before turning to walk away and leave the room. Sarlic let Xavier go and the younger male decided to approach Zack and Cam.

“Zackary and Cameron!” he yelled out. “What did you do?!”

“Hm? What we were told to do.” Zack responded almost monotonously.

“You didn’t have to kill them!”

“We’d have been punished otherwise, host.” That caused him to stiffen before grabbing his head as pain started to seep in, memories starting to come back. He yelled out for his father, though no one heard. Sarlic quietly chuckled.

“If only that little gatekeeper never existed, you’d have these memories from the beginning and never had to deal with the pain of remembering.” he approached the younger male as he spoke. “Storm Cloud would’ve been safe from me. None of this would’ve happened. If only you knew from the beginning.” He grabbed Xavier’s chin and forced him to look at him. “A lot of things were hidden from you along with many of us. Someone new will be here in the end, though she should’ve been here from the beginning. What the doctor gave you prolonged her formation, what your dad’s friend gave you prolonged it even longer.”

“How do you know this…?”

“Because I was with her when I ended up forming. She tried to come along, but wasn’t able to. She could never yell out for you or any of the others like you used to never be able to talk.”

“Do you know her name, Sarlic…?”

“Nyein. Her name is Nyein.”

That was when Xavier woke up. The name Sarlic said lingering in his mind. Is he telling the truth? Is that really her name? Well, when he finally meets her, then he’ll know. He checked the clock and it was around 4 a.m. No point trying to get back to sleep…

Confession {SK/Main Timeline}

After Aidan had told him to keep watch over Kai, Orion knew that this would be his only chance to tell them how he felt. Even though he knew that they were already with someone, he’s still going to tell them. He had taken them into the forest to make sure that no one will be around to interrupt. They made it to the old building where the deceits used to be. They were all taken out a few months earlier, when Aidan was saved. The noirette let out a quiet sigh.

“K-Kai…? I-I need to tell you something… S-something that I should’ve said a long time ago…” he mumbled, catching their attention.

“What is it?” they questioned, glancing at him.

“I-I… I like you!” he stated, not stuttering as he said the three words. “A lot more than you will ever know… I-I know that you’re already with someone and it’s alright if you don’t accept-”

“Ori, calm down.” they interrupted him. The lingering feelings that they felt for him before everything happened started to manifest as they looked at the younger male. “I hate to say this behind Aidan’s back, but… I might’ve started developing feelings for you before all this happened…” they started to blush as they spoke.

Kai could hear Ash talking in the mindscape, saying something along the lines of this being on the right track. They tried to ignore him, wanting to stay in the moment and not have another alter front. It didn’t work as Ash took control.

“Finally, both of you have been beating around the bush for too long.” he stated, with a hint of annoyance.

“S-sorry, I didn’t want to get in the way of Aidan’s relationship… A-and this would’ve made the situation worse…” Ori mumbled in response.

“It wouldn’t. This is how everything is supposed to go. I just know it.” Ash smiled. He’s been getting these sort of feelings of when something wasn’t going the way it’s supposed to be. The relationship had been one of the main ones, the reasons being unknown to him. But, he just knew that things had to turn out a certain way or else something horrible could possibly happen sooner or later.

He had been trying to get things back on track if there was a way to. Getting that serum from Tessa had been his first attempt and he knew that there were more things that have to be fixed. Even if to others it seems that progress was being lost, he felt that progress was being made.

“C-can Kai be back…? P-please, I wasn’t done talking to them…” Ori mumbled, just wanting them to be in control again.

“Hm? Sure. I don’t see much problem with that.” he responded and let the host be in control again. Kai just sighed, looking at Ori as if to ask if anything bad happened. He shook his head in response before speaking.

“A-anyways… B-back to the main topic…” he looked down at the ground, avoiding their gaze.

“Yeah… Look, we both know that a relationship between us isn’t possible because of him…”

“I-I know… I-if I had known that he was going to confess, I would’ve tried to beat him to it… B-but, look at what waiting got us… I-I wanted to wait until we were both comfortable with having a relationship, that way it wouldn’t fail on us…” he sighed, looking at them. “T-then, Aidan just had to come along and ruin the plans by stealing you away. I-I’ve known you long enough to actually let feelings develop and he confessed after about a month or two of knowing you… W-who’d you rather date…? S-someone you’ve known for years or someone you’ve known for a few months…?”

“Years…” they quietly answered. “It was my mistake of not thinking ahead or even thinking that this was actually serious. I figured that it would just end up with him and I acting like regular friends and just dropping the relationship all together. But, he couldn’t be saved from the heart break…”

“S-see. Y-you weren’t ready for an actual relationship, were you? Y-you just thought that it’d be short term.” he stated, receiving a nod. “K-Kai, ever since you and Aidan started ‘dating’, you stopped coming to the meeting place… I-I’ve kept going there every night, hoping that you’d be there… Y-you weren’t… Y-you never were!” tears started to slip from the noirette’s eyes. He was saying the truth… The ugly truth…

They just glanced away, a look of guilt clear on their face. It’s true that they hadn’t been going to meet him ever since the day they got with Aidan… Orion wiped a few tears away before continuing.

“I-I’ve waited and hoped… F-foolish, isn’t it… W-waiting around to say how you feel to the one you love, only for them to be stolen right under your nose…” he let out a sad chuckle. “I-if only I decided to say something sooner, then you could’ve been my lover instead of his… I-it’s better that it’d have been him instead of someone who could hurt you…”

“Ori… Is this whole situation hurting you…?”

“W-what do you think?! O-of course it’s hurting me…! M-my cousin being the person to steal the person I like hurts!” his sad expression was replaced with one of anger as he let out a growl.

It took a moment before he calmed himself down from the anger, looking at Kai now.

“B-before we both have to go back… T-there’s this one thing that I need to do…” he stated. Before they knew it, the noirette kissed them. Without thinking, they kissed back… The two pulled away and the last thing Orion said to Kai was, “I-I’m not going to tell you how to go about this… B-but, think about what’s been said and how you actually feel about your own relationship… H-hopefully, the right choice can be made…”

Recurring Nightmares {Storm’s Main Route}

“We’re losing him!” the voice of one of the doctors yelled. Xavier remembered that line very well. “Get those pills out of him right now or else we’ll lose him for good!” The boy just watched from the door of the room as the adults tried to keep his body alive. He quietly counted down til the heart monitor flat lined.

“Right on time…” he mumbled. He’s seen this nightmare multiple times over the years and it never left after Storm’s attempt happened. He never told anyone about this, not wanting others to be worried about him. He just silently watched as the nightmare faded, forcing him to wake up in a cold sweat. “Sarlic, you can’t keep doing this…” he mumbled, sitting up.

It was midnight when he woke up and he knew that his father would be asleep. The boy slightly wished that he was still afraid of that specific nightmare. 

“If you want something new, I’ll give you something new.” he heard Sarlic say. He just let out a chuckle.

“Sure you will.” he rolled his eyes as he spoke. The next thing he knew, he was forced to give up control. “This is really annoying, y’know.” was all he said, glancing around the mindscape for Sarlic. He wasn’t there, so Xavier quickly told Zack to take control. The older male did and thankfully, the noirette was brought back. Zack soon came back with a sigh.

“It was rude of you to wake him up, Sark.” he stated, glancing at the younger male. Storm and Cam had come up to them.

“I have a goal for us. A goal for Xavier. I just need to have control for awhile.”

“You’ve already been trying to weaken him with nightmares, but you never took into consideration that he’ll end up desensitized by them.” Cam saying that caused Sark to start laughing.

“Not everyone is easily desensitized, Cameron. Xavier, you want something new, well you got it.” he then snapped his fingers, causing Xavier’s vision to darken. 

The boy woke up in his room, on the bed. He quickly sat up to see Storm laying on the floor, not moving.

“Storm…?” he questioned, getting up and going over to the white haired boy. He couldn’t tell on if Storm is breathing or not, wanting to try to help his alter. The boy was gagging, slightly coughing up blood. “Stormy!” he let out a yell. “Stormy, wake up… We have to get dad, just wake up…” Storm just let out another cough, seeming to not hear the host’s words. Xavier sighed. “Hold on a little longer, please… I’ll go get dad…”

He felt bad for leaving Storm there, but he knew that he had to quickly get Aidan… He had to… But, something kept him from leaving the room. He glanced at Storm and quickly picked the boy up the best he could before leaving the room. “Dad?!” he yelled out, hoping he could be heard. He didn’t hear his father’s voice call back or the sound of footsteps… They were on their own this time. The brunette quickly went over to the front door and exited the home. He tried to find someone to help nearby before deciding to go to the hospital.

“Just, stay with me…” he mumbled while running there. He soon got there and called for someone to help, but none of the staff turned to them or payed any mind. “We need some help, please! He’s going to die if no one helps!” he yelled out, starting to cry. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was Storm’s body turning cold…